Quality First offers a wide selection of high-quality custom apparel decoration solutions to ensure you can find exactly what you need for any marketing strategy, event, or organization.

Our on-site specialists are an extension of your marketing department. We will assist in identifying and customizing products that meet your promotional goals

Not every screen printer is the same, neither are the garments they produce. We at Quality First have developed a network of screen printing partners who each have a specific niche. Using this network, we are able to deliver top-notch apparel and merchandise that will consistently impress and make your business or event shine!


Types of Garment Decoration:

SCREEN PRINTING - This is a method of decoration of applying ink through a screen directly onto the garment.

FOIL - A design is computer cut onto metallic foil and applied with a heat press.

DIRECT EMBROIDERY - A traditional embroidery technique where the design is sewn onto the garment.

RHINESTONES, FOILS and SPANGLES - A design is digitized and colored crystals are arranged according to the design and heat applied.

INDIRECT EMBROIDERY - A fairly new decoration method where an embroidered graphic is applied to the garment, leaving the underside smooth.

HEAT APPLICATION - A design is screen printed onto a carrier sheet and semi-cured, once it is heat applied to the apparel it completes curing the ink, making it  a permanent part of the garment.